egg freezing


Cancer Treatment Can Make People Infertile, But Insurance Companies Aren't Always Willing to Help

If young people with cancer want to have kids later, they might have to pay out of pocket for things like egg retrieval, egg and sperm storage, and treatments like IVF.


Egg-Freezing Is Giving Young Trans Men Hope for Starting a Family

"They are not a small part of the population, and they do want families, and they are interested in hearing about their options."


Women Are Freezing Their Eggs Due to a 'Deficit' of Educated Men, Study Claims

We talked to the researcher behind the study rebuking the claim that women who participate in IVF typically do so to "preserve" their careers.


It's Never the Right Time to Be Asked if You Want Your Eggs Frozen

Doctors with patients in possession of ovaries, take note.


The Pentagon Is Finally Designing Combat Gear for Women

Women in combat will soon have ovary-protecting armor and access to egg freezing.


​An Egg Freezing ‘Pop-Up Store’ Appears in London

A project presenting the facts of egg freezing reveals how little we actually know about it.


Young Women Are Being Told to Lean In, but Freeze First

For a growing number of young women, egg-freezing is seen as an opportunity to postpone starting a family in order to focus on their career.


Is It Worth Your Time and Money to Freeze Your Eggs?

Broadly meets with experts in the field, egg brokers, and patients whose path to parenthood may involve birthing a child from their frozen eggs.


My Struggles with IVF: It's Not About Failure—It's About Hope

At 32, the last place I expected to find myself was in an operating room, conked out on anesthetic with a lubricated ultrasound probe and an egg-retrieval needle passed through my vagina. But here I am.


Put Your (Frozen) Eggs in the Bank: Welcome to the Bioeconomy

Egg freezing raises new social and ethical issues in a market that often depends on inequality to meet supply and demand.


Tech Companies Need to Hack Workplace Culture, Not Female Biology

Paying for women to freeze their eggs won't level the playing field.


Every Woman Should Have the Opportunity to Freeze Her Eggs

Apple and Facebook have begun offering their female employees the opportunity to freeze their eggs as a way to prolong their childbearing years. The rest of us should get that chance too.