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How-To: Make the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich with Eggslut

Alvin Cailan of Los Angeles' Eggslut shows us how to make the world's best breakfast sandwich with pork loin, Sriracha mayo, scallions, and (duh) eggs. Hangover, begone.
Alvin Cailan

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Eggslut's breakfast sandwich is a delicious mix of pork, Sriracha, and marbleized eggs. Pro tip: Slice your rolls with a gold switchblade.
Alvin Cailan
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This Smoked Salmon Breakfast Sandwich Is the Most Decadent Way to Brunch

Perfection is a mixture of cream cheese and smoked salmon on a buttery toasted brioche bun topped with a fried egg and slice of creamy Havarti.
Munchies Staff
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This Breakfast Sandwich Is About to Save Your Life

If you're in the midst of the hangover from Hell, we can help. This is the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich from Eggslut, and you probably have everything you need to make it.
Munchies Staff
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How to Make the Best Salmon and Egg Sandwich of Your Life

Eggslut's Alvin Cailan stopped by the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to demonstrate a too-easy breakfast sandwich packed with salty, fatty flavor.
Munchies Staff
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Here's the Breakfast Sandwich That Will Cure Your Election Hangover

We may not know what will happen come January, but we can guarantee that today is going to be OK.
Munchies Staff

This Chef’s Culinary Incubator Is Changing the Way Chefs Develop Restaurants

Frustrated by the complications that can arise when trying to open a restaurant, Alvin Cailan of EggSlut has founded Unit 120, a “culinary incubator” where both established and up-and-coming chefs can test out new ideas and menus.
Hillary Eaton

Scrambled Emu Eggs Benedict Recipe

We call this the "Emo Emu": scrambled emu egg with fried slab bacon on waffle-ironed Entenmann's glazed doughnuts. It's a hell of a way to eat your feelings.
Alvin Cailan
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How It Feels to Cook at Coachella and Serve a Bunch of Wasted Kids

Coachella's recent drive to amp up the culinary offerings at the music festival presents an awesome opportunity for experimentation. The only problem is that everyone's on drugs.
Alvin Cailan
Los Angeles

Chef's Night Out: The Badmaash Brothers

Arjun and Nakul Mahendro of LA’s Badmaash take us on a wild night out in Downtown LA, eating their way through everything from wagyu tartare to ice cream sandwiches.
Nakul Mahendro and Arjun Mahendro