Ancient Starlight Just Helped Confirm the Reality of Quantum Entanglement

“The real estate left over for the skeptics of quantum mechanics has shrunk considerably."
Daniel Oberhaus

Astronomers Confirm Einstein’s Theory of Relativity By Watching a Star Orbit a Black Hole

Astronomers watched as a star passed within 12 billion miles of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way and reached a speed of 15 million miles per hour.
Daniel Oberhaus
atomic clocks

Physicists Used Atomic Clocks to Test Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in a 14-Year Experiment

A foundational thought experiment in Einstein’s theory of general relativity just got its most precise confirmation ever by turning the entire Earth into a laboratory.
Daniel Oberhaus
what is real

The Results of a 100,000-Person Quantum Experiment Seem To Violate Einstein’s Theory of Local Realism

The largest participatory experiment in quantum physics is helping physicists better understand the nature of reality by eliminating free will from the equation.
Daniel Oberhaus
black holes

Some Black Holes Erase Your Past and Give You Unlimited Futures

"In some cases, one can live forever in a universe unknown."
Daniel Oberhaus
Neutron Star Mergers

Scientists Have Detected an Entirely New Type of Gravitational Wave

Astronomers capture both a gravitational wave and optical imagery from the energetic union of two neutron stars in a distant galaxy.
Becky Ferreira
ripples in spacetime

Nobel Prize in Physics Recognizes the Dawn of a Whole New Kind of Astronomy

Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne, and Barry Barish are named for leading the effort to detect gravitational waves.
Becky Ferreira
Kate Lunau

New Supernova Analysis Questions Dark Energy, Cosmic Acceleration

Timescape cosmology offers a way around one of the universe's best mysteries.
Michael Byrne

New Project Lets You Reenact Einstein and Freud’s Remarkable Correspondence

Typographer Harald Geisler's latest Kickstarter project will let you mail Einstein and Freud's pacifist letters to a friend...or your oppressors.
Noémie Jennifer

A Clusterf*ck of Memes and Mascots Meet in a Zany Exhibition about Appropriation

Gingerbread totem poles and peace pipe smoking aliens fill the walls of Chelsea Seltzer and Theo A. Rosenblum's collaborative exhibition.
Nathaniel Ainley
Dark Energy

How Breaking One of the Most Basic Physical Laws Might Explain Dark Energy

Fudging the law of conservation of energy offers a new perspective on dark energy.
Michael Byrne

AAAS CEO to Young Scientists: Speak Up. Keep Focused. Carry On.

Rush Holt, former Congressman and physicist, explains how scientists should move forward under the Trump Administration.
Rush Holt