El Chapo Guzmán


El Chapo's prosecutors say our interview with a juror isn't enough to get him a new trial

A VICE News story was "Exhibit A" in a new court filing that seeks to prevent the kingpin's conviction from being overturned.


El Chapo's legal dream team now officially includes the lawyer who got John Gotti Jr. acquitted

High-powered attorney Jeffrey Lichtman says he "reached an accommodation" with El Chapo over how he will be paid.


Fugitive Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero pleads for a 'second chance'

The legendary Mexican drug lord denied killing DEA agent "Kiki" Camarena, repeatedly apologized to the US government, and refuted reports that he is currently heading an assault on territory controlled by the Sinaloa cartel.


El Chapo Really Liked to Visit His Mom in the Mountains, Locals Say

In tiny mountain hamlets where Chapo grew up in poverty, locals say the kingpin visited his mother several times between his spectacular jailbreak in July and his dramatic recapture last Friday that has left some feeling abandoned.


It’s Basically Legal for Mexican Narcos to Buy Lions, Cheetahs, and Other Exotic Pets

Many exotic animals can be obtained legally in Mexico, a system condemned by critics as “inhumane.” And these pets have become status symbols for drug-traffickers looking to flaunt their wealth and power.


‘I Am the Person Who Handed Over El Chapo’: A VICE News Exclusive

We talked to the man who gave up information leading to the capture of Mexico's most-wanted druglord, and who now feels betrayed by the US.