El Niño


Unstable Ice Causes ‘Catastrophic Breeding Failure’ for Penguins

Climate change may be contributing to the penguin population crash at Halley Bay which is “unprecedented in the historical record.”


A Texas-Sized Area of Antarctica Turned to Slush Last Year

Antarctica is melting from above.


'We All Live in Fear': How Climate Change Is Devastating to Refugees

In Somaliland, a crippling drought has driven many women and children from their rural villages and into dangerous and overcrowded refugee camps.


Last Year Was the Hottest Damn Year in Recorded History

Just like 2014 and 2015.


The 10 Lowest Health Moments of 2016

All the bad news you'll need to be the savviest Debbie Downer at the cocktail party.


House Science Committee Tweets Story Skeptical of Climate Change

The House Science Committee is getting its climate change "facts" from Breitbart News.


Bolivia Declares Water Emergency, El Niño Blamed

"We have to be prepared for the worst," says Bolivia’s president.


The California Drought Is Still Happening, and This Winter Won’t End It

La Niña is coming, and it likely means reduced snowfall for the state.


California's Drought Could Last For Centuries

New research says climate change could be recreating prehistoric conditions, turning California into a desert.


2015 had hotter temperatures and higher sea levels than ever before

Troubling data in a new report shows those greenhouse gases reached new record highs last year — at a time when countries around the globe are struggling to set limits to contain them.