Hong Kong

This Hong Kong Food Startup Hires the Elderly to Package Its Organic Frozen Dinners

Kenneth Choi Man-Kin's project not only provides jobs and a sense of community for the elderly, but also combats food waste from local farms.
Lauren Rothman
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Two Nursing Home Escapees Were Found at the World's Biggest Metal Fest

They were "disoriented and dazed" by the time the cops finally tracked them down.
Drew Schwartz

Really, Really Old People Talked About Whether They're Ready to Die

"I wish I could snuff it. I'm only in the way."
Jane Fleming
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Getting Stoned with Senior Citizens in Seattle

VICE visited a nursing home that takes its residents on field trips to a local dispensary to see how some seniors are learning to love marijuana.
VICE Staff
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Talking About Sex and War with a 102-Year-Old

"I prefer younger men—the old ones are no fun. But I haven't actually wanted a boyfriend for ages. It would be such a burden to be in a relationship at my age."
Tim Geyer

Educating Kids And the Elderly Is the Key to Closing the Online Security Loop

The next WannaCry might not get so far.
Jordan Pearson
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‘GoGoGrandparent’ Is Overcharging Seniors for Uber Rides, and Drivers Are Pissed

Uber drivers claim that a new startup has them doing more work for no added pay.
Sarah Emerson

[NSFW] Hyperreal Nude Portraits of Elderly Women Show Time’s Toll on the Body

Dutch painter Francien Krieg portrays elderly women as unyielding, realistic nudes.
Nathaniel Ainley

Meals on Wheels Sees 500 Percent Donation Increase Since Trump Announced Budget Cuts

"While Meals on Wheels America and local Meals on Wheels programs are seeing an uptick in giving, it does not replace federal funding."
Alex Swerdloff
Golden Years

Seniors Are Fighting Aliens in a Video Game to Deal With Depression

Video Games could be a powerful treatment for depression in the future.
Katie Jensen

This Robotic Suit Wants to Make Your Grandparents Superpowered

Superflex, a new startup founded out of the same company that made Siri and a DARPA program, wants to bring 'powered clothing' to elderly people in 2018.
Samantha Cole

Japan Is Trying to Get the Elderly to Stop Driving by Bribing Them with Ramen

A driver's license may be an emblem of independence, but ramen is delicious.
Charley Lanyon