election '15


Here's What the Next Five Years of British Rioting Could Look Like

The new Conservative government could mean enraged students battling with cops and animal lovers beating up fox hunters.


VICE Liveblogs the UK Election

Follow us as we follow the action (or lack thereof) through the night.


TONIGHT: Watch VICE's Alternative UK Election Night Coverage

Tune in to our YouTube channel for three glorious hours of election reflection.


Meeting the Communists and Anarchists at London's May Day Protest

Election '15 has been defined by UKIP's rise on the right wing of Britain's political spectrum—what's happening on the left?


VIDEO: London Under the Caliphate

Islamic fundamentalist Anjem Choudary takes us on a tour of London, showing us what life would be like if the UK were ruled by Sharia law.


Welcome to VICE's Coverage of the UK's Election '15

It's going to be the most anarchic election in living memory. It would be a shame to cover it in the same gray, old boring way.


David Cameron and Ed Miliband Said Nothing Worthwhile During Last Night's General Election Debate

The "Battle for Number Ten" between the UK Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader was elaborately choreographed to ensure that nothing interesting happened.


The US-EU Trade Deal Could Make the UK Election Mostly Pointless

Critics say the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaty is a power grab by corporate elites that will allow them to privatize everything, overrule legislation, and sue governments.