election meddling

Midterm Elections

Trump and Pence say China is hacking the midterms. Facebook and Twitter say they’re wrong.

"Trying to frame what Russia and China are doing as the same thing, that is misinformation”
David Gilbert

Democrats wanted to talk to the only witness to Trump and Putin's meeting. The GOP said no.

Only Trump, Putin, and their translator know what was discussed.
Rex Santus
Trump Putin meeting

Putin says his secretive Helsinki sit-down with Trump “led to useful agreements”

“We see that in the U.S. there are forces ready to sacrifice Russian-American relations for their own domestic political ambitions.”
David Gilbert
Trump Putin meeting

Putin is still pushing the "absurd" idea of a U.S.-Russia cybersecurity unit

“The idea of a joint cybersecurity unit between the United States and Russia is preposterous.”
David Gilbert
fake news

Moscow says it too is worried about the spread of fake news

“It’s important to admit we haven’t seen any considerable progress in that area, while the related risks are only getting deeper.”
Tim Hume
Facebook Propaganda

Facebook Deletes Hundreds of Accounts Controlled By Russian Propagandists

It took Facebook "months" to identify Internet Research Agency activity on the website.
Sarah Emerson
russia investigation

Mueller just slapped a subpoena on the Trump Organization, report says

It's the first time the Russia investigation is looking into the president's business.
Alexa Liautaud
Russia sanctions

The U.S. just sanctioned Russia’s infamous “Troll Factory” and “Putin’s chef”

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned a number of Russian entities and individuals.
David Gilbert
russian reddit trolls

Reddit Says It Removed Hundreds of Suspected Russia-Linked Accounts

The website's CEO, Steve Huffman, admitted that Reddit was subject to 2016 election propaganda.
Sarah Emerson