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Update: Zuckerberg Said He ‘Misspoke’ About Alerting Campaigns to Russian Hacking Attempts

Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook’s security team identified Russian government hackers targeting US presidential campaigns and notified them of the hack attempts.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Donald Trump

Could President Trump Really Turn the NSA Into a Personal Spy Machine?

Plenty of people are concerned that Trump may use the one of world's most powerful intelligence agencies for his own gain.
Joseph Cox
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

New York's Anti-Trump Rally Started Loud and Ended Louder

Jackson Krule
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

How Ted Cruz Became the Fiery New Prince of the Religious Right

After years of backing affably naive Bible-thumpers, Christian conservatives have finally found a presidential candidate that can win.
Grace Wyler
elections 2016

How the Democratic Candidates Feel About Women, Trans People, Normal Things

With the results of the Iowa caucuses about to come out, we checked out how Democratic candidates measure up with regards to the most important issues of 2016.
Diana Tourjée
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked Latino Republicans What They Really Want from GOP Candidates in 2016

In the GOP's alternate universe of mass deportations and anchor babies and IRS agents patrolling the border, what does it mean to be a conservative who supports immigration reform?
Meredith Hoffman

Scott Walker Loosens Gun Restrictions in Wisconsin Ahead of Expected Presidential Bid

Walker signed the bills at a ceremony in Milwaukee just a week after a mass shooting in South Carolina reignited a national debate about gun control.

We Visited the Clothing Store in Kosovo That's Dedicated to Hillary Clinton's Style

The store is called Hillary, it's near Bill Clinton Boulevard, and it's packed full of pantsuits.
Petra Živić