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An Art Punk Legend Rises Again with Two Posthumous Shows

Artist and Suicide frontman Alan Vega left behind a treasure trove of art and photography. See it at two new exhibitions and in a special new vinyl sleeve.
DJ Pangburn

How Tiga Ignited Montreal's Dance Music Movement

On this episode of VICE's 'Autobiographies,' the DJ and dance music entrepreneur explains how growing up in two distinctly different cultures influenced his ambition and creativity.
VICE Staff
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to 'Petra II' by Electronic Artist Saffron

The album is a smooth run of tracks with some bizarrely wonderful samples and synth sounds.
Charlie Ambler

Feed Me: "I'm Trying To Make Theater"

"I've had fire marshals attack me while playing, I've been chased off the stage by dogs. There's nothing I haven't seen at this stage."
Jemayel Khawaja at THUMP

Ben Aqua's New Music Video Is Made Entirely Of GIFs, PNGs, & 'Sims 2' Mods

The Psyberbully-directed video for "Dark, Dark Day" is an awesome "exercise in simulated darkness."
Emerson Rosenthal

Original Creator: Hip-Hop And Electro Pioneer Afrika Bambaataa

<p>We take a look at some iconic artists from numerous disciplines who have left an enduring and indelible mark on today’s Creators.</p>
Erica Huang
The What We Do is Secret Issue

Newsflash: Electro Still Sucks

Although few history books will be using this as a reference, and many casual observers may not be aware of this, as far as some dance fans are concerned we have entered the post-Justice era.
Randy Pan
The Lies Issue

Electric Independence

I’ll tell you what, sometimes it’s hard maintaining a level of professional enthusiasm every month for a load of records that, with the odd exception, basically sound the same.
Piers Martin
The Obsessions Issue

I Heart Me

When <i>VICE</i> first witnessed the Luke Eargoggle electro love explosion at a packed party in an Antwerp squat last summer, we thought we'd died and gone to some celestial rave where the girls can't stop smiling and everyone wears flowers in their...
Theydon Bois
The Mistakes Issue


This is getting complicated.
Donna Summer
The Mistakes Issue

Electric Independence

Chasing techno autonomy.
Raf + Vince

Speed Freaks And Robots

Chicks On Speed invent a one-button machine that will do everything.
Amy Kellner