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'Anthem' Could Be Great Someday. Today Is Not That Day.

I was ready for 'Anthem' to be my Destiny, splitting the difference between dropping colored objects and telling cool stories. It feels great to fly, but it has a long way to go.


At E3, Electronic Arts Threw Its Developers Under the Bus Over Loot Boxes

The company refused to take responsibility for last fall's backlash, and let the creatives behind 'Battlefront II,' 'Battlefield V,' and 'Anthem' promise things would be different.


Why EA Sports Started Taking Accessibility Seriously

An informal game jam from 2014 kicked off a series of events that ended up with the studio hiring its first in-house accessibility lead.


'A Way Out' Doesn't Come Close to Delivering on Its Grand Promise

A bad pastiche of great crime movies is best enjoyed with friends and low expectations.


A Closer Look at Our Dark Obsession With Guns Looking "Cool"

When games and guns became platforms, their marketing and culture started to converge.


The Value of 'Burnout Paradise Remastered' Is That It Feels Alive Again

It's a marginal improvement, but it's got one thing the original no longer does: lots of people playing it.


Burnout's Best Game Proves There are No Lootboxes in Paradise

A getaway car for escaping the modern racer.


I’m Still Playing ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ for Some Reason

I went to extraordinary lengths to make it fun, but it’s so much fun.


This 'Battlefront II' Modder's First Creation Was a Middle Finger to EA

EA didn't want a pink Darth Vader, so this modder made it for them.


2017 Was a Year of Reckoning for Video Game Microtransactions

The first omens came in the form of horse armor over a decade ago. Now, the lootboxes (and the discourse) have truly arrived.


What It's Like to Wake Up After Your Illegal UFC Stream Goes Viral. Oops.

Streaming a UFC pay-per-view while pretending to play a UFC game was funny until the whole Internet noticed.