The World Economic Forum Tells Davos: Electronics Are 'the Fastest-Growing Waste Stream in the World’

"The material value of e-waste alone is worth $62.5 billion, three times more than the annual output of the world’s silver mines and more than the GDP of most countries."


This Guy Made a Computer Mouse That Is Itself a Computer

It doesn’t have the best UI, but it is a pretty creative take on a laptop.


This Cosplayer Made a Helmet That Makes Your Eyes Glow Like Thor

The helmet uses blacklight LEDs and blacklight-reactive contact lenses.


Protesters Are Slowly Winning Electronics Right-to-Repair Battles in Europe

Activists brought a busted refrigerator to a protest and successfully agitated for their right to repair.


Author & Punisher Creates Metal in His Own Twisted Image

The West Coast engineer's metal machine music continues to develop—and darken—on his latest album, 'Beastland.'


The DIY Movement Is Bringing RadioShack Back From the Dead

Independently-owned franchise stores are the second coming of the beleaguered brand.


Europe Is Smuggling its E-Waste to Nigeria Inside Used Cars

A new EPA-backed study shows that an old problem has a new twist.


The Art of Soldering

The story of solder, the unsung hero of the digital revolution that benefits from a low melting point. It’s what keeps the circuits attached to the silicon.


The House Passed a Budget Bill That Also Repeals Conflict Mineral Reporting Requirements

The rule is designed to track whether the minerals came from conflict areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


My Dad, Keeper of Retro Tech

"I am a junk collector."


Homeland Security Will Begin “Heightened Screening” of Phones on All US-Bound Flights

In March, the agency announced a ban on electronics on US-bound flights coming from the Middle East and North Africa.


Researchers Made an Electrical Circuit Etch-A-Sketch in Crystals

The breakthrough paves the way for an “etch-a-sketch of nanoscale electrical connections.”