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For the Love of God, Please Stop Feeding This Dog

Students in Taiwan have been asked not to feed their school's guard dog, who's now a whopping 110 pounds.
Drew Schwartz

This Middle School Teacher Moonlights as a Nazi-Themed Wrestler

Now his school district is investigating after "Blitzkrieg, the German Juggernaut" flashed the Nazi salute as part of his routine.
Drew Schwartz
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Closing Detroit's Digital Divide

On today's episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' we talk about how people are dealing with unequal access to high-speed internet in Detroit.
VICE Staff
Impact Climate

New Program Takes Kids on a Virtual Journey Outside the Classroom

Shifting education away from normal curriculum could prepare students to meet challenges on a global scale.
Cayte Bosler
50 states of art

Finger Painted Self-Portraits by Kids Emulate Chuck Close Paintings | #50StatesofArt

Omaha, NE artist Scott Blake taught an entire elementary school how to turn their school portraits into pointillist, finger painted masterpieces.
Andrew Salomone
elementary school

Vikings Kicker Blair Walsh Visits the First Graders Who Sent Support Letters to Thank Them

Just the most adorable thing imaginable, that's all.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Automatons, Bigfoots, Chupacabras: The ABCs of Monster Illustrations

The Monster Project brings together kids who love monsters and the artists who love drawing them.
Antonio Pacheco

This Teacher Blamed Breakfast for Being Late 111 Times

Arnold Anderson of Roosevelt Elementary School says he "lost track of time" while eating breakfast. You know, 111 times. But, he says, he's a great teacher.
Munchies Staff
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Study Reveals Kids Are Being Assigned Too Much Homework

A new study shows that a child's typical homework load ridiculously exceeds the amount recommended by experts.
Michael Cuby
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Cop Filmed Handcuffing 8-Year-Old With Mental Disorder Slapped With Lawsuit

The footage shows a third-grader crying out in pain as a Kentucky sheriff’s deputy pulls the boy’s arms behind his back and places handcuffs on his biceps.
Olivia Becker

High School Crop-Top Dress Codes Send the Message That School Is for Boys

Dress codes focus primarily on girls' bodies, but young women across Canada are mobilizing to fight the sexist policies.
Sarah Ratchford

Inside the Israelite’s Elementary School (Extra Scene from 'Cocaine and Faith in the Amazon')

In this extra scene, VICE News visits an elementary school in Alto Monte that follows the religious Royal Law established in the Amazonian community, but a young student says his generation isn't about to blindly follow the path of his elders.