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Suspected Poacher Gets Trampled to Death by Elephant Then Eaten by a Pride of Lions

Only the man's skull and his pants were retrieved by rangers at South Africa's Kruger National Park.
Gavin Butler

Scientists Reawaken Cells From a 28,000-Year-Old Mammoth

Yuka the woolly mammoth died a long time ago, but scientists gave her cells a short second life in mouse egg cells.
Becky Ferreira

Voluptuous Women Ride Elephants and Ostriches in These "Ironic" Sculptures

Italian sculptor Matthias Verginer hopes his work encourages people to accept themselves.
Nathaniel Ainley
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

Everything You Should Know About Carfentanil, the Drug Even Deadlier Than Fentanyl

It's allegedly been used as a chemical weapon and is an elephant tranquilizer—now, it's being spiked into heroin.
Allison Tierney

A Hyperrealistic Sculptor Finds Freedom in a Fragmented Exhibition

Artist Daniel Firman finds curatorial freedom in the mission of one Turkish gallery.
Nathaniel Ainley

Remembering Alan Clarke, the King of Bleak, Violent British Cinema

The auteur died 25 years ago, leaving behind films about borstal life, soccer hooliganism, and British skinheads, influencing the likes of Gus Van Sant and Harmony Korine in the process.
Harry Sword
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Robert Mugabe Wants to Eat a Lion for His Birthday

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe will celebrate his 91st birthday this month in style, blowing out the candles on a feast of two elephants, two buffalo, two sables, five impalas, and a lion worth $120,000 in total.
Munchies Staff
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PREMIERE: Watch Elephant's Heartbreaking Video for "TV Dinner"

Hug somebody this holiday season.
Noisey Staff

South African Environment Minister: 'We Appreciate Western Help Against Poaching — But We Need Asia's'

Amid an alarming surge in elephant and rhino killings, Edna Molewa tells VICE News why South Africa is considering drastic steps — and why marches in the West won't end the problem.
Joe Walsh

VICE News Capsule

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks behind the headlines. This week, Al Jazeera journalists detained in Egypt face 15 years in prison, Kenyan police seize hundreds of elephant tusks, and the Thai military sweeps the country for weapons.
VICE Staff
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When They Ate the Zoo, Nobody Wanted to Touch the Hippo

Amid the bombardments, famine, and extreme state of emergency during the Siege of Paris in 1870, Parisians demanded haute cuisine. That Christmas, one of the city's greatest chefs, Alexandre Étienne Choron, cooked an elaborate banquet meal of...
Lars Eriksen

The Race to Save Elephants Being Wiped Out by Organized Crime and Jihadists

The illegal poaching industry in South Africa has gotten so profitable that criminal gangs and even Islamist extremists are getting involved.
Evgeny Lebedev