Elijah Cummings

3 days ago

Elijah Cummings’ Death Isn't Just An Emotional Blow. It Leaves a Giant Void for Democrats on Impeachment.

“What makes this such a big blow is that there is just no replacement for Elijah Cummings,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez told VICE News Friday morning.

5 days ago

Elijah Cummings Has Died

The Democratic congressman from Baltimore was 68.


DHS Canceled Congressional Tour of Immigrant Detention Facilities at Last Minute, Members Say

They tried to visit 11 Border Patrol stations that they'd toured last week, where there were “serious ongoing problems"


Trump Just Stooped to a New Low in His War with Elijah Cummings

Cummings' committee recently authorized subpoenas for emails and texts of top White House aides, including Ivanka and Jared.


Saudi Arabia Edited a Trump "America First" Campaign Speech. Manafort Helped Them Do It.

Longtime Trump friend Thomas Barrack sent the prepared remarks to a contact who shared them with the Emiratis and the Saudis.


The President Started His Week by Accusing Black Leaders of "Playing the Race Card"

After a weekend of bashing Baltimore and House Oversight Committee Chair Elijah Cummings, he went after Reverend Al Sharpton.


The subpoena war is on for the Mueller report — and it’s getting ugly

Democrats say they have a right to the full report. Republicans disagree.


Dems may subpoena White House for documents on Kushner's top security clearance

John Kelly was so taken aback by Trump's request that he documented it in a written contemporaneous memo


7 things you need to know about Michael Cohen's testimony on Trump

“My loyalty to Mr. Trump has cost me everything.”


The Pentagon Is the Latest Agency to Investigate Michael Flynn

The Department of Defense is looking into the payments Flynn received from Russia prior to becoming Trump's national security adviser.


New Sign at EPA Headquarters Quietly Reminds Staff of Their Whistleblower Rights

A new sign inside the EPA building seems to imply the agency’s communications ban has violated a federal whistleblower statute.