Elizabeth Renstrom

The 2017 Fiction Issue

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's 11th Annual Fiction Issue

This year's cover pays homage to classic paperback fiction genres, from romance and sci-fi to horror and political thriller.
Matt Schoen
Elizabeth Renstrom
the VICE magazine podcast

Inside the Lucrative Underground Market for Pre-Made Beats

On this episode of 'The VICE Magazine Podcast,' we talk about our dusty cover photo and the growing popularity (and controversy) around beat leasing.
Ellis Jones

Photographs of the Darker Side of Christmas

Images of gingerbread nightmares, nutcracker rampages and fruitcake gluttony.
Elizabeth Renstrom
The Music Issue

Artists' Odes to Their Favorite Musicians

We asked some of the our favorite photographers to create shrines to their favorite musicians. From Madonna to Chumbawumba, Eurhythmics to Morrissey, these were the results.
Signe Pierce; Lauren Poor; Aileen Son; Paul Mpagi S
The Photo Issue 2016

Welcome to VICE Magazine's Fifteenth Annual Photo Issue

In an era where people often measure content by volume rather than quality, we like to think that this year's photo issue proves that good things still come to those who wait.
Elizabeth Renstrom
The Holy Cow Issue

Two Sakes and a Loaf of Challah with Artist Chloe Wise

The 25-year-old sculptor and visual artist insists she's not a hater, she's a hedonist.
Mallika Rao
Vice Blog

Sailor Moon Fans Are the Best People on Earth

As proven through this series of gifs of 'Moonies' at International Sailor Moon Day in New York City.
Eleanor Fye

Photos of an Easter Bunny Meltdown

Happy Easter! Here are some GIFs of classic holiday treats having literal meltdowns.
Elizabeth Renstrom
The Dirty Laundry Issue

Full Bleed: Elizabeth Renstrom's Tween-Age Meltdown

"You could say I'm about as nostalgic as anyone my age for those defining years, but mostly I'm interested in the amount of nostalgia I see on the internet and elsewhere for the 90s."
Elizabeth Renstrom