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Stream Summer Camp's Third Album 'Bad Love' and Feel Good

The London duo's new record is inspired by teen horror flicks "and the idea that a bad relationship can be as terrifying as a serial killer." Word.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Behind The Lens

Behind the Scenes of Summer Camp's 90s Teen Slasher Video "Bad Love"

Indie-pop duo and real life lovers Summer Camp take their 90s obsession to the next level here.
Elizabeth Sankey

If You've Ever Obsessed Over Teen Movies, 'Beyond Clueless' Will Be Your New Bible

Summer Camp singer Elizabeth interviews director Charlie Lyne about his excellent teen film documentary—which boasts narration by Fairuza Balk. 'The Craft'!
Elizabeth Sankey
VICE vs Video games

I've Known 'The Secret of Monkey Island' for 25 Years and I'm Still in Love

A love letter to the funny but nearly impossible point-and-click adventure game.
Elizabeth Sankey

Scrapbook: Summer Camp Flip Through Their Old Photo Albums

Brenda from '90201.' Dwight Schrute from 'The Office.' Chinos. Dragons. All have played a part in the style evolution of London boy-girl duo Summer Camp.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Summer Camp Played In Moscow So They Took Some Pictures and Wrote About it

Everything that’s in this article is pretty much explained in the headline.

Why Don't You Curl Up and Dry: A Celebration of Musician's Natural Manes

Summer Camp's Elizabeth Sankey delves into the insane world of curls. She also explains "no-poo," which is an entirely different concept than what we had in mind…
Elizabeth Sankey