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Watch Ellen Page Call Out Mike Pence’s Homophobia on ‘The Late Show’

Page said the US vice president “has hurt LGBTQ people so badly” and “wishes I couldn’t be married.”
Manisha Krishnan

'Juno' Made Me Feel Less Alone After I Got Pregnant as a Teenager

In the era before MTV's "Teen Mom" franchise, there were few if any humanizing portraits of pregnant teens on screen. Ten years after its release, "Juno" is still one of the most important movies about teen pregnancy.
Sian Ferguson
Does It Suck?

Does 'Juno' Actually Suck?

For once, the answer may (not) surprise you.
Patrick Lyons
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Ellen Page Accuses Director Brett Ratner of Homophobic Harassment

Page claimed Ratner told another woman on the 'X-Men' set “you should fuck her to make her realize she’s gay.”
Manisha Krishnan
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Here's Ellen Page Doing a Sad Acoustic Cover of Britney Spears' "Lucky"

I'm not sure "Lucky" was ever meant to be sad or acoustic, but here we are.
Lauren O'Neill
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Ellen Page Dies Over and Over Again in the New 'Flatliners' Trailer

The remake of Joel Schumacher's 1990 sci-fi film is coming to theaters September 29.
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Watch Our 'GAYCATION' Special About the Pulse Shooting Online Now

To honor the one-year anniversary of the Orlando massacre, we're putting up the VICELAND show's special free of charge.
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Ellen Page and Ian Daniel on the Future of 'Gaycation'

"People who are already so marginalized and so vulnerable are even more vulnerable now."
Ian Daniel

WATCH: 'Gaycation: United We Stand'

Ellen Page and Ian Daniel take a look into what the Trump administration could mean for the LGBTQ community.
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Ellen Page and Ian Daniel Talk About Their 'Gaycation: United We Stand' Special

What shooting their VICELAND special in the wake of the presidential election means to them.
Ian Daniel

Ellen Page and Ian Daniel Talk About Documenting Homophobia and Hope Around the World

The first episode of our new LGBT travel series GAYCATION airs on VICELAND today. We spoke to hosts Ellen Page and Ian Daniel about their experience making the series.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
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Stories of Struggle and Survival from ‘GAYCATION’ Viewers

Read powerful personal stories shared with 'GAYCATION' co-host Ian Daniel.
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