• 12.6.17

      'Emancipation,' a Story by Tim Parks

      A man is perplexed by his repetitive thoughts about standing up to his boss over a young colleague of his who has been let go. He visits his former therapist to try to understand himself.

    • 6.19.15

      Why Juneteenth Needs to be a National Holiday

      June 19, 1865, marks the day when news of emancipation and the Civil War's end finally reached the last group of slaves in America. It should be treated with the same respect we give Independence Day.

    • 8.21.12

      Interns: Don't Bother Uniting, You Have No Chains to Lose

      Interns are naïve whelps who are rising up off their swivel chairs, shaking off their imaginary shackles, and demanding what is not rightfully theirs: a workingman’s wage. And I wish they’d just shut up.