Inside the Funeral Homes Posing the Dead Like They're Still Alive

We talked to the head of one of New Orleans's oldest funeral homes about why some families are drawn to "extreme embalmings."
Drew Schwartz

I Spent a Day with an Embalmer

WARNING: This post contains graphic images.
Clément Pouré
Vice Blog

A Day in the Life of a Funeral Director

James Donofrio has worked in a funeral home since age 12. He's now 57.
VICE Staff

What Happens When You Donate Your Body to Science?

It takes courage to give away the only thing that is truly yours, even if you're already dead.
Joe Bish
Post Mortem

The Art and Science of Making Dead People Look Alive Again

We talked to Daniella Marcantoni, a licensed embalmer and makeup artist for the deceased, about how she works to make corpses look a little less lifeless.
Simon Davis

Dying Is Pretty Bad for the Environment

New evidence shows that cremation may be worse for us than we thought. Which doesn't leave a whole lot of options if you're aiming for a green death.
Wendy Syfret

What Happens When You Donate Your Body to Science?

By the end of 2015, Australia will have welcomed its first human body farm, giving you a new option for what to do with your body after you die.
Emma Do
Post Mortem

This Mortician Wants You to Take a Hands-On Approach with Corpses

"We are entrenched in the idea that dead bodies are dangerous, and we are entrenched in the idea that it is better to have professionals do it... American death is a really recent invention."
Simon Davis
Motherboard Blog

Richard the Lionheart Wasn't Poisoned, Analysis of the Long-Dead King's Heart Shows

New clues reveal he may not have died quite as romantically as many long believed.
Austin Considine
the it's actually quite weird issue

Living Off Death

As long as the bodies keep piling up, Yovani's mom-and-pop Mexican mortuary thrives.
Elizabeth Duarte
The Jobs Issue

Ungrateful Dead

Yes, I'm a funeral director. That doesn't mean that I stand there in a jacket and skirt at someone's wake comforting the bereaved family. Nope.
Jessica Six