Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti stole A LOT more money than we thought, prosecutors say

He allegedly embezzled millions from a client with disabilities and set up shell companies to hide money from the government.
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'Dumb and Dumber To' Was Funded with Stolen Money, Feds Say

After an investigation found millions in embezzled cash had made its way to Hollywood, the Department of Justice is looking to get it back.
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Supermarket Manager Caught Embezzling $21,000 Says Money Was 'for His Cat'

The man reportedly explained to the judge presiding over Vienna's regional court that he stole the money because he was the owner of a purebred cat that desperately required a large sum of money to be taken care of properly.
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​Russian Official Charged with Stealing Money from World Cup Stadium Project

Marat Oganesyan is accused of embezzling 50 million rubles from a controversy-riddled Russian stadium project.
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Guatemala's former president Pérez Molina faces new charges of massive corruption

Otto Pérez Molina became president of Guatemala in 2012 but resigned in September last year amid a previous corruption case involving massive customs fraud.

How a Promising Kickstarter Campaign Devolved into Embezzlement Allegations

Peachy Printer was going to create a 3D printer, until one of the founders allegedly used part of the crowdfunded money to build his own house.
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Stealing Exotic Pets, Rigging the Drive-Thru, and Other Stories of Workplace Scams

Sometimes low-level crime is the only way to survive a menial job.
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Billionaire Businessman Sentenced to Death in Iran for 'Spreading Corruption on Earth'

Babak Zanjani, a tycoon worth an estimated $14 billion, played a prominent role in helping the Iranian government evade oil sanctions.
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Former Nigerian Official Accused of Stealing $2 Billion from Anti-Boko Haram Funds

The country's former national security adviser has become President Muhammadu Buhari's latest target in his battle against political corruption, which he claims has diverted $150 billion away from the government.
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'G.I. Joe' Cop Allegedly Sought Gang Member to Kill Village Official Before Staging Own Murder

Investigators say disgraced Fox Lake police officer Joseph Gliniewicz, who stole thousands from a youth program, sent his wife and son text messages suggesting he had considered ways to frame or kill the town manager.
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Cop Stages Own Murder After Stealing from Kids Program to Pay for Porn, Mortgage Payments

Illinois police Wednesday say Charles Gliniewicz "carefully staged" his suicide to make it look like he was murdered. The incident triggered an extensive manhunt for suspects who did not exist.
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Former Bitcoin Exchange CEO Charged With Embezzlement in Japan

Frenchman Mark Karpelès was arrested six weeks ago in connection with the disappearance of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of the virtual currency.
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