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You’re Screwed If You Wait Too Long to Take Plan B

Well, 75 percent screwed.
Patia Braithwaite

Poland Reverts Back to Making Women See a Doctor for Plan B

And some of these doctors will dodge writing prescriptions, citing the so-called ‘conscience clause.'
Richard Greenhill

You Can Now Get Plan B Out of a Vending Machine in Yolo County

We talked with students on the UC Davis campus where the "Wellness to Go" vending machine is located to find out how they feel about the quick and easy availability of the morning-after pill.
Chloe Kim

Why It's Bad That the Morning After Pill Isn't Free in the UK

Just because you might have gotten it for free, doesn't mean everybody can.
Hannah Ewens

The Morning-After Pill Needs to Be Cheaper and More Accessible, Advocates Say

If you're in the UK, the morning-after pill costs up to £30 and is only available after a mandatory consultation with a pharmacist. A new campaign explains why that has to change.
Zing Tsjeng

Why British Women Are Forced to Pay More for the Morning-After Pill

New research finds that British women and their Irish neighbours pay more than anyone else in Europe for the morning-after pill. We ask campaigners why some women are being denied access to a widely effective and safe form of contraception.
Sirin Kale

A Womb of Her Own: DIY Abortion and Birth Control After Hobby Lobby

In the wake of the US Supreme Court’s decision that men need Viagra but women don’t need birth control, one reproductive rights activist released a DIY guide to the basics of abortion, birth control, emergency contraception, and more.
Tara Burns
Motherboard Blog

Science over Politics: What an Over-the-Counter Morning After Pill Means

If and when Plan B does become available over the counter for women of all ages—possibly as early as May; the FDA can still appeal the ruling—the effects could be enormous.
Kelly Bourdet