Emergency Room


Emergency Rooms Often Don't Do Enough for People Who Survive an Overdose

Only a small percentage of people who survived an opioid overdose in West Virginia received some form of addiction treatment in the next year, according to a new analysis. Experts say the findings underscore a national disconnect.


When Your Young Patient Refuses Life-Saving Treatment

She had pushed a three-inch sewing needle into her heart some time ago, and the damage was starting to show.


Doctors Should Be Handing Out Addiction Meds on Demand

“Every dose of buprenorphine consumed is at least a dose of heroin not getting consumed, if not several.”


Another Cause of Doctor Burnout: Being Forced to Give Undocumented People Unequal Care

Undocumented immigrants often can't get routine dialysis for kidney failure and have to wait until their condition is critical to receive emergency care. A new study found that seeing these patients suffer is distressing for doctors.


White Kids Are More Likely to Be Given Antibiotics They Don't Need

This is both good and bad news for kids of color.


Rape Victims Who Go to the Emergency Room Forced to Pay About $1,000 in Bills

A new study that examines the medical bills incurred by privately insured women who received emergency room care for rape offers a snapshot of just how expensive sexual assault can be.


Weed Might Be a Solution to the Opioid Crisis

After seeing the onset of the biggest drug safety crisis of our lifetime from inside a hospital, Ira Price thinks embracing medical marijuana is a vital step forward.


Why Ketamine Is the Best Drug on Earth

An emergency-room doctor explains why he routinely sticks his patients in the K-hole.


When There's Nothing More Your Doctor Can Do

Every shift in the ER can offer a chilling reminder of your own mortality. One doctor takes us inside a patient's final minutes.


People Who Combine Coke and Alcohol Are More Likely to Kill Themselves

But you can't necessarily blame the drugs.


British Hospitals Are Being Flooded with People Who Ate Too Many Easter Eggs

In a Facebook status shared on Easter Sunday, the South Tees Hospitals trust said that it had seen an influx of people at its accident and emergency departments with “stomach aches caused by overindulgence.”


Half of Suicidal ER Patients Aren't Asked About Access to Guns

A new survey finds a whole lot of missed chances in American emergency departments.