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Why Rural Communities Are Struggling to Provide Emergency Services

As more and more people leave small towns for the city.
VICE Staff
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

Volunteers Under Fire

All over the US and Canada, rural communities are grappling with how to provide vital emergency services to citizens amid rapid population migration into cities.
Ben Makuch
mental health

Ex-Cop Turned Psychologist Trains the NYPD on Cases Involving Mentally Ill People

Can a cop successfully play the role of a mental health professional?
Letizia Adams

Ohio city council member wants 911 to ignore drug overdose calls

Carter Sherman
Mountain Rescue

On the Matterhorn, Air Zermatt Can Be the Difference Between Life and Death

The Matterhorn is hugely popular with skiers and climbers, but this beautiful mountain can also be deadly. We spent some time with Air Zermatt, a rescue team dedicated to saving lives on 'the Horn'.
Nathan Copelin

Proposed National Law Would Crack Down on Swatters with Serious Jail Time

The Interstate Swatting Hoax Act of 2015 would criminalize swatting with up to five years of prison time—more if someone actually gets hurt.
Sarah Jeong

The FBI Says Hackers Are Targeting Emergency Services

As 911 gets more technologically advanced, the vulnerability to cyberattack increases.
J.M. Porup
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You're Clogging Up the 911 Line with Your Butt Dials

New research says 30 percent of 911 dials are accidental.
River Donaghey

The Future of Emergency Calls Is Texting

A new report argues that UK emergency call systems should be updated for the smartphone age.
Emiko Jozuka