Emmanuel Macron


France’s Macron Is on a Mission to Save the Amazon — With or Without Bolsonaro’s Help

In an interview with VICE News, France President Emmanuel Macron explains why France is giving $100 million to save tropical rainforests.


Now Brazil’s President Says He Won’t Save the Amazon Unless He Gets an Apology from Macron

The "lungs of the planet" are on fire, and a dispute between Jair Bolsonaro and Emmanuel Macron has reached new levels of pettiness.


Brazil Tells the G7 and Its Amazon Fire Fund to Go to Hell

The world is literally on fire, and Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is busy talking smack about Emmanuel Macron's wife.


Brazilian Warplanes Are Trying to Soak the Burning Amazon

President Jair Bolsonaro authorized military intervention, as other nations promised to send resources to the rescue


Donald Trump Had a Very Weird Weekend at the G7 Summit

He announced trade deals with partners who then contradicted him, said he definitely wasn't surprised by a surprise arrival, and, of course, plugged his own golf course.


What You Need to Know About the EU Election Results

Europe's far-right populists fell short of predictions, but they still made significant gains in Brussels.


Here's what Notre Dame looks like after a 9-hour fire

Four hundred firefighters managed to save the structure as well as several important pieces of religious art.


Donations to rebuild Notre Dame have already hit almost $770 million

The rebuilding efforts could take years and hundreds of millions of dollars.


What was destroyed and saved in Notre Dame's massive fire

The building's rose windows, the crown of thorns, and one of the world's biggest organs were all saved.


Macron tried to solve the French crisis through debates. Yellow Vests say it didn't work.

Macron’s response to the Yellow Vests: 10,000 debates across France.


Emmanuel Macron wants to criminalize anti-Zionism as hate speech

“Behind the negation of Israel’s existence, what is hiding is the hatred of Jews.”


Climate scientists are leaving the U.S. to “Make Our Planet Great Again”

This U.S.-based climate scientist is preparing to move to France to continue his work —as one of the dozens of recipients of France's "Make Our Planet Great Again" grant.