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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Service Dog

Here's who qualifies for a service dog, how to apply for one, and what tasks they can be trained to do.
Cindy Kuzma
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RIP Dexter, the Emotional Support Peacock Who Was Too Fabulous to Fly

Dexter, who shot to fame in January after being turned away as an emotional support animal from a United flight, reportedly passed away Sunday in his owners arms.
Katya Lopatko
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War on Millennials: Southwest Is Banning Emotional Support Snakes

The airline has joined other carriers in cracking down on exotic animals on flights.
Nicole Clark
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JetBlue Is Totally Cool with Your Emotional Support Miniature Horse

But hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, and spiders are a no-go.
Drew Schwartz
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Delta and United Updated Their Emotional Support Animal Policies

The airlines now require travelers to provide letters from their vet and doctor.
Susan Rinkunas
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Desus and Mero Talk About That Peacock Who Tried to Get on a Flight

United Airlines rejected Dexter, a Bushwick-based emotional support animal, from flying the friendly skies.
Sarah Bellman
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Someone Actually Tried to Bring This Emotional Support Peacock on a Plane

It didn't work out so well.
Drew Schwartz
River Donaghey
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We See You, Fake Service Dog Owners

You're ruining it for people who actually need them.
Ali Wunderman

A Lady and Her Service Kangaroo Got Kicked Out of a Wisconsin McDonald's

A customer called the cops when he noticed that the furry thing in the stroller wearing a diaper was a kangaroo.
Mike Pearl