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It took one Trump tweet for Mitt Romney to fall in line

"Thank you, Mr. President, for the support."
David Gilbert
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Ted Cruz Just Endorsed Donald Trump

He's now willing to back the guy who threatened to "spill the beans" on his wife.
Mike Pearl
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The 'Dallas Morning News' Has Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President

It's the first time the newspaper has supported a Democratic candidate since before World War II.
VICE Staff
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Yet another Republican is publicly disowning Donald Trump

Senator Susan Collins of Maine is the biggest name to jump ship so far. It could be the tipping point many other like-minded Republicans were waiting for.
Olivia Becker
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Bernie Sanders Is Finally Ready for Hillary

Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, even as some of his own supporters protested.
Livia Gershon
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North Korea Thinks Trump Is a 'Wise Politician' and Hillary Is 'Dull'

A Tuesday op-ed from North Korea's state-run media outlet praised the "positive aspects" of Trump's "inflammatory policies."
Helen Donahue
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Not All NRA Members Are Happy About the Donald Trump Endorsement

Members of the gun group say they hoped to see the presumptive Republican presidential nominee prove his commitment to their cause. One of the NRA's top lobbyists says, "Get over it."
Mike Spies
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Trump Is the Next Reagan, According to Paper Owned by Trump's Son-in-Law

In a wild coincidence, the New York Observer, published by Invanka Trump's husband, became the first major newspaper to formally back the billionaire.
VICE Staff
2016 US election

America's Largest Border Patrol Union Just Endorsed Donald Trump

The National Border Patrol Council made no mention of Trump's plan for a wall along the Mexican border, which it has criticized as a waste of money.
Sarah Mimms
2016 US election

After Landslide Primary Victory, Florida Governor Endorses Donald Trump

Just a day after Florida Senator Marco Rubio exited the race, Governor Rick Scott said it's time to "accept and respect the will of the voters and coalesce behind Donald Trump."
Olivia Becker
2016 US election

Chris Christie Once Mocked Donald Trump for 'You're Fired' Fame — Now He's Endorsing Him

Two sitting Republican governors backed Trump's campaign Friday, as the party grows increasingly worried about "The Donald" becoming their nominee.
Olivia Becker

Manny Pacquiao May Lose Nike Endorsement for Comments on Gay Couples (Updated)

According to TMZ, Nike has already removed his merchandise.
Nick Wong