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Samsung Denies That It's Misleading Regulators Over TV Energy Use

The Korean giant has denied any wrongdoing in an incident that’s drawn parallels to Volkswagen.


Gaming Computers Use a Truly Astonishing Amount of Energy

They suck down $10 billion worth of electricity a year, and that number's poised to double if we don't start thinking efficiently.


Bitcoin Is Unsustainable

The energy cost of a single Bitcoin transaction could power 1.5 American homes for a day.


Home 3D Printing Can Be Greener Than Importing Plastic Goods

3D printing can add a green notch to its belt.


Home Automation Is Still Coming, If You Can Afford It

Smartphones and a host of tiny, tiny computers are about to automate your home. So sayeth the futurists, and so sayeth the profit-seeking siliconed youth. And, most recently, so sayeth the founders of Ube, a startup that thinks that one day, we should...