enhanced interrogation


The CIA's torture masterminds finally have to pay their victims

Keegan Hamilton
defense & security

This is how the CIA's first captive after 9/11 described his years of torture

Abu Zubaydah, a Saudi national, served as the guinea pig for the CIA's torture program. For the first time, his account of his captivity has been made public.
Jason Leopold
defense & security

Two CIA Contractors Are Being Sued for Torture and 'Human Experimentation'

A federal lawsuit was filed Tuesday by the ACLU on behalf of three men who were allegedly tortured while detained in CIA prisons despite never being formally charged with a crime.
Justin Rohrlich

The APA Moves to Ban Psychologists from Aiding in (Some) Interrogations

Great job on doing the bare-minimum right thing 10 years too late.
Michael Byrne

The NFL's 'New' Personal Conduct Policy Is a Bad Joke

Much has been made of changes to the NFL's personal conduct policy, but its enforcement is still dependent on whims and PR.
Aaron Gordon

Torture Report: What $300 Million Bought the CIA's 'Detention and Interrogation' Program

The CIA had 'more money than [it] could possibly spend' to build black site prisons in other countries, bribe foreign officials, and more.
Jason Leopold

The CIA Used Artificial Intelligence to Interrogate Its Own Agents in the 80s

Newly declassified documents show that the spy agency had grand plans for computerized interrogation.
Jordan Pearson
defense & security

'Comprehensive' CIA Torture Report Won't Even Name Well-Known Architects of Torture Program

What was meant to be the Senate's definitive account of the CIA's torture program won't contain information already widely reported in the press.
Jason Leopold