Enrique Olvera


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Legendary Mexican chef Enrique Olvera and his chef de cuisine at Cosme swung by our garden and taught us that life tastes better when you turn fresh ingredients into crispy tostadas.


Scallop Ceviche Tostadas with Hyssop and Ground Cherries Recipe

Tart ground cherries and anise-y hyssop give this scallop ceviche tostada a bright, complex flavor.


Squeezing Burrata Balls with New York’s Favorite Mexican Chef

I’m in a London restaurant basement and Enrique Olvera is teaching me to prepare a dish fusing fresh tomato and burrata. “We don’t like to plate with too much fuss or stuff,” he explains.


Mexico's Chefs Are Fighting a Future of Genetically Modified Corn

In August, a Mexican federal district judge repealed a two-year-old ban on genetically modified maize, leading many of the country's chefs to worry about GM corn replacing indigenous varieties.


Being Frank: Mexico City

The Franks head down to Mexico City to hang with chef Enrique Olvera at his well-known restaurant, Pujol, and take over the kitchen for two nights. Naturally, that means a ton of tomato sauce, pecorino cheese, eggplant, and The Grateful Dead.


Chef's Night Out: Enrique Olvera

We've dug into the MUNCHIES archive to bring you a Chef's Night Out with rock star chef Enrique Olvera of Mexico City's Pujol restaurant. Enjoy.


Enrique Olvera

Enrique is not afraid to mix ants with mayonnaise and coffee and put it all on ears of baby corn. The 14-course tasting menu at his restaurant, Pujol, is considered by many to be the finest in Mexico.