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Mexican president AMLO linked to new corruption allegation in El Chapo trial

A former campaign official from Andrés Manuel López Obrador's failed bid for president in 2006 is accused of taking a bribe from a Sinaloa cartel leader.


Mexico decided to give a high honor to Jared Kushner — and Mexicans are pissed

"The Aztec Eagle to Kushner? Really? That is how the government of indignity bids farewell”


Twitter is Having a Cow Making Fun of Trump's 'Local Milk People' Quote

The president used the phrase in a call to the Australian prime minister, and nobody really knows what it means.


Mexico Hacking and Spying on Its Citizens Is a 'Human Rights Crisis'

The illegal use of hacking tools by the Mexican government against activists and reporters has become a systematic policy of intimidation and harassment.


Mexico is the world's deadliest country after Syria, study says

Only Syria, embroiled in a baffling six-year-long civil war, surpasses Mexico in conflict-related deaths.


Trump's biggest foreign policy decisions since taking office

President Trump campaigned on fundamentally remaking the world order, and he's taken meaningful steps in that direction so far.