Slack Doesn’t Have End-to-End Encryption Because Your Boss Doesn’t Want It

A former Slack employee and the company's current chief information security officer say that Slack's paying customers aren't that interested in end-to-end encryption.
Joseph Cox

Bidding on This Rare Version of the Star Trek Enterprise Starts at $40,000

The design was created for “Star Trek: Planet of the Titans,” a film that was never made. It was later used in an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”
Kaleigh Rogers
Glass Half Full

We Asked Early Adopters of Google Glass If They're Excited About Version 2.0

After version one inspired a wave of panic about "Glassholes" and was discontinued, Google's parent company Alphabet is trying again—this time, in the workplace.
Carl Franzen

Watch As We Investigate Alternative Enterprises from the Inside on 'Black Market: Dispatches'

In our new VICELAND show, we'll meet a dark net dealer, sugar babies, and counterfeiters to explore the motivations behind the world's underground economies.
VICE Staff

Here’s How NASA Names the Spacecraft It Hurls Into the Void

Would the Apollo mission have been as sweet by any other name?
Daniel Oberhaus
weiner heaven

The Hot Dogs of the World Cup

An enterprising hot-dog-cart is putting its spin on international cuisine at this year's World Cup.
Pedro Moreira
Motherboard Blog

Enterprise Hard Drives Aren't Worth Paying More For

If you're paying three times as much to buy reliability, you're paying for nothing.
Ben Richmond