In 'Colette,' Queerness Is an Act of Rebellion, Not a Source of Trauma

The Kiera Knightly–led period piece does justice to the French proto-feminist author.
Nicole Clark
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This Photographer Shot Portraits of His Famous Friends in the Tub

From the late 70s to the early 90s, Don Herron photographed downtown New York cult icons in the bath.
Miss Rosen

What It's Like to Fall in Love Inside a Video Game

Though usually a forum for competitive bloodbaths, some have actually found romance in the digital realm of video games.
Justin Caffier

Ariana Grande, Mac Miller, and Why We Blame Women for Male Substance Abuse

Blaming a woman for her partner's self-harm isn't just cruel, it's symptomatic of our culture's biggest problems.
Kara Weisenstein

No, a 'Sesame Street' Writer Did Not Say Bert and Ernie Were Gay

But he did force the show to assert yet again that the cohabitating puppets "do not have a sexual orientation."
Harry Cheadle
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A 'Non-Whitewashed' Reboot of 'The Last Airbender' Is Coming to Netflix

Finally, the beloved animated show is getting a second shot at a live-action adaptation.
Nicole Clark

This Washed-Up Sea Creature Was the Work of Viral Hoaxer Zardulu

And you can see it at the mysterious artist's upcoming New York exhibition, 'Triconis Aeternis: Rites and Mysteries.'
Lauren Messman
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Watch the Emotional First Clip from the Final Season of 'Parts Unknown'

W. Kamau Bell remembers his unforgettable trip to Kenya in our first look at the show since Bourdain's death.
Drew Schwartz
TIFF 2018

‘The Hate U Give’ Underscores the Dangers of Code Switching

People of color need to stop sanctioning the bullshit white folks do and say.
Noel Ransome

In ‘Lizzie,’ Chloë Sevigny Swaps Signature Cool for Righteous Indignation

"People are finally recognizing that the world is set up to see women as secondary or less than, and Lizzie just refused to be stepped on."
Eileen G'Sell

The Year's Best Memoir Is About a Man Who Shot a Porno in a Baskin-Robbins

And was found at a garage sale. And was printed as is. Or so the comedy writer Mike Sacks would like you to believe.
Alex Norcia
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The Books That Can Change and/or Ruin Your Life in College

A reading list and a cautionary tale.
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