This Is What Happens When You Eat Nothing but Bugs for a Week

For seven days, I only ate grasshoppers, worms, and tarantulas. It was absolutely awful.
Angela Skujins

Inside the Mexico City Market That Serves Lion Steak and Tiger Burgers

In the heart of Mexico City’s historic enter, the indoor San Juan market is famed for its selection of exotic meats, indigenous delicacies, and rare foreign imports. But who exactly is buying lion?
Duncan Tucker
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Exactly How Nutritious Was Justin Timberlake's Bug Buffet?

A 'Man of the Woods' listening party in NYC featured gourmet grasshoppers and ants. How good for you are they, really?
Phil Witmer

Meet the Scientists Who Are Making Bread with Cockroach Flour

Two scientists from the Federal University of Rio Grande, in Brazil, have developed a flour made of cockroaches that contains 40 percent more protein than the normal wheat flour.
Rafael Tonon

Why the Future of Food Is Bugs

A new documentary hopes to convince you that eating insects can be delicious and nutritious.
Simon Davis

A New Line of Bitters Puts Crickets in Your Cocktail

Critter Bitters is made from toasted crickets, and it may very well be the gateway drug for even the most squeamish of people to finally give eating bugs a shot. Because, cocktails.
Javier Cabral

This Mezcal Is Served with a Side of Scorpion

“The whole scorpion is edible and it’s full of protein,” the bartender assured me just before I popped the booze-soaked arachnid between my teeth at Reyes Salón Cantina, a Guadalajara bar famous for its scorpion shots.
Duncan Tucker

The Future of Food According to Andrew Zimmern

I joined chef and <i>Bizarre Foods</i> host Andrew Zimmern in Oaxaca, where we ate stone soup and a salsa made from fatty ants, and talked about whether the future was full of Soylent or insect protein.
Alice Driver

This Canadian Pizzeria Isn't Allowed to Serve Cockroach Pizza

A cockroach-topped pizza was to be served at the Calgary Stampede, an annual festival of all things Western—but border control has stepped in and ruined everyone's six-legged fun.
Alex Swerdloff

How to Cook Bugs: Waxworms

In the final installment of our Cooking with Bugs series, we ask insect-cooking expert David George Gordon, author of <i>The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook</i> and chef-de-cuisine at the annual Explorers’ Club dinner in New York, how to eat waxworms. Hint: White...
Munchies Staff

We Should Start Breeding Our Own Snails

Many people are still squeamish about eating insects, but snails are far less of a reach. We caught up with the UK’s principal supplier of live edible snails and snail farm starter kits to find out more about the land-molluscs we should be eating.
Gareth May

Insect Farming Can Buy You a Toyota in Thailand

While Thailand is one of several countries with a long history of eating insects, only in the past few years has the industry seen a dramatic uptick.
Adam Ramsey