Stephen Hawking’s Voice Was Beamed to a Black Hole During His Funeral

Hawking’s message to preserve the planet was radioed into space during his Friday memorial at London’s Westminster Abbey.
Becky Ferreira

'Dark' Screenings and Performances Question What It Means to Be Human

'Dark Water' features paradigm-challenging work by Fani Parali, Takeshi Murata, Shana Moulton, and more.
Gabriela Acha

Perfectly Disordered 'Anticrystals' Could Reveal the Secrets of Materials

A slight mess is much closer to random chaos than pure crystalline order.
Michael Byrne
the high post

The Universe Came for Patty Mills

Patty Mills's torn rotator cuff is the latest example of sports' arbitrary cruelty.
Colin McGowan
we are not men

Your Dad Is Disappointed

Fathers see things tattooed deep within, all that is wrong with you. And they see the good, too, things that are subtle, because they are always searching, always trying to find out why you are the way you are.
John Saward
Motherboard Blog

Behold, the First Page of Thomas Pynchon's New Novel About Post-Bubble, Pre-9/11 New York, 'Bleeding Edge'

Ah, Manhattan's Upper West Side: where the money flows aplenty, nepotism is a birthright, and the consequence for every action—economic collapse, poverty, fanatical terrorism, etc.—always falls to someone else, outside their zone.
DJ Pangburn
Prolate Spheroid Preview

The NFL Is Terrible This Week

A whopping 13 games this week feature either two miserable teams flailing at each other like a bitter married couple going through the motions during an argument, or a really good squad that’s already secured a place in the playoffs and a toxic, tumor...
Harry Cheadle
Motherboard Blog

Time Is an Arrow That Is Anarchy and Death (Video)

Time exists because things in the universe tend toward more disordered states, or increased entropy. That's the only reason it exists. Every law of physics works both ways through time, except this one, which is really just basic probability. The odds...
Michael Byrne