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Flying hundreds of feet above land, J. Henry Fair uncovers everyday environmental catastrophes you probably didn’t know existed.


There's a Fight Brewing Over a Really Important Forest in Canada

A longstanding dispute over the largest undisturbed boreal forest on earth began to heat up this week when 13 American environmental groups wrote the governments of Ontario and Quebec urging them to support new conservation efforts.


Canada’s Second-Largest Christian Church Is Divesting from Fossil Fuels

The United Church of Canada has also decided to "commit financially to transitioning to an economy based on renewable energy."


Patrolling for Poachers in Costa Rica (Excerpt from 'Shell Game')

In this excerpt, VICE News visits Costa Rica's Moín beach with local police to see if tensions remain between poachers and conservationists on the isolated coastline.


Eco-Tourism in Costa Rica (Extra Scene from ‘Shell Game’)

The Latin American Sea Turtles conservation camp in Pacuare is one of the few remaining beaches in Costa Rica where both conservationists and sea turtles can safely use the beach.


On The Line: Danny Gold on Drug Trafficking and Conservationism in Costa Rica

Danny Gold joined 'On The Line' to discuss the violent overlap between drug trafficking and conservationism in Costa Rica.


Poaching, Drugs, and Murder in Costa Rica: Shell Game (Full Length)

The unsolved murders of environmental activists in Costa Rica have shaken the country's eco­-friendly tourist image and has exposed an apparent growing violent overlap between animal poaching and drug trafficking on the country's coast.


Poaching, Drugs, and Murder in Costa Rica: Shell Game (Part 3)

In the final part of our three-part series, VICE News meets park rangers, drug dealers, and undercover agents who tell us what’s really going on in Costa Rica’s national parks and protected zones.


Poaching, Drugs, and Murder in Costa Rica: Shell Game (Part 2)

Two years after the tragic death of Jairo Mora Sandoval in Costa Rica, the motivation behind the murder of the local environmental activist is still a mystery.


Poaching, Drugs, and Murder in Costa Rica: Shell Game (Part 1)

Although sea turtle poaching is illegal in Costa Rica, an unwritten law governs egg gathering on the beach for conservationists and poachers alike: finder's keepers.