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What Happens to a Streamer Known for Opening Loot Boxes After They're Gone?

YouTube creator Jon Sandman is famous for opening loot boxes in 'Rocket League,' a game that's about to ditch them.
Patrick Klepek
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Gamers Are Harassing 'Ooblets' Developer Over Epic Games Store Exclusivity

'Ooblets' developer Glumberland received 'tens of thousands' abusive messages after the announcement last week.
Nicole Carpenter
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EA Says Loot Boxes Are Just 'Surprise Mechanics'

'Fortnite' developer Epic Games told the House of Commons that it does not operate a 'sweatshop where managers are standing behind people with weapons forcing people to work.'
Matthew Gault

'Fortnite' Champions Say They 'Don't Really Like the Game' in Victory Speech

At the Fortnite Collegiate Starleague finals, two University of Georgia players called out developer Epic Games for its unpopular balance changes.
Nicole Carpenter

Fortnite's Appropriation Issue Isn't About Copyright Law, It's About Ethics

Epic Games must credit the black artists whose work it has appropriated.
Yussef Cole
extremely online

How the Internet Became a Playground for Exploiting Black Creators

Fortnite, owned by Epic Games, is currently in litigation with Black creators over the use of their dance moves. But the video game company is not the first to mine Black digital ingenuity for profit.
Shamira Ibrahim

Bugs on Epic Games Site Allowed Hackers to Login to Any ‘Fortnite’ Player’s Account

A security firm found that hackers could have logged into the accounts of any Fortnite player, potentially stealing their credit card information, or listening in on their conversations.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

The Weather Channel Is Using Unreal Engine to Show How Dangerous Hurricane Florence Is

The technology that powers blockbuster video games is visualizing the destruction caused by powerful storms.
Matthew Gault

In 'PUBG' You're a Super Soldier. In 'Fortnite,' You're a Super Engineer

Fortnite turns us all into Elon Musk, asking us to turn this stuff into that stuff, knowing that knocking shit apart in our path forward will probably be worth it.
Cameron Kunzelman

What Drew This Erotic Artist to ‘Fortnite,’ a Game Without Real Characters

Erotic fandom is usually based on games with intricate worlds, but 'Fortnite' doesn't have any of that. Yet, life found a way.
Patrick Klepek
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Students Are Using VPNs to Play 'Fortnite' on School Wi-Fi

Dedicated gamers are using VPNs and remote desktop apps to bypass Wi-Fi restrictions.
Matthew Gault
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The Best Way to Understand 'Fortnite' Is to Play the Damn Thing

As part of Waypoint's 'Fortnite' Fortnight, we've been checking our assumptions about the biggest video game around. It's been fascinating.
Patrick Klepek