climate change

European Genocide of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas Cooled Earth’s Climate

Some 50 million Indigenous peoples died during the 16th century, a collapse that caused atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to drop.
Becky Ferreira
battle of the sexes

Men Don't Survive Harsh Conditions As Well As Women Do

Even as babies, females survived more during famine and epidemics than males.
Shayla Love
To The Bone

Ancient Skeletons Might Explain One of Humanity's Worst Epidemics

After stumbling on a mass burial site, "paleopathologists" use ancient DNA to tackle a 400-year-old mystery.
Shayla Love
Screen Crack

Facebook Users Created a Fake Swine Flu Epidemic

The public frenzy in Myanmar distracted from more dire health threats.
Eli Meixler
Pride 2017

We Need to Talk About the Queer Community's Meth and GHB Epidemic

Our nonchalant attitude towards this problem is just as detrimental as the drugs themselves.
Anthony "aCe" Pabey
High Wire

America's Latest Drug Epidemic Is Weirdly Nonviolent

The 70s heroin wave and 80s crack crisis each saw major gun violence, including huge numbers of murders. Not so much with the current opioid epidemic.
Maia Szalavitz
united states of addiction

Coroners Might Be Hiding the Truth About Overdose Deaths

Deaths aren’t always ruled as overdoses, even when they are.
Maggie Puniewska

Trump Could Undo All the Progress We've Made on AIDS

So much for having come a long way.
Jason Silverstein
Organ Donation

How Safe Is It to Get an Organ From an Overdose Victim?

Given the urgency of needing an organ, "safe" is a relative term.
Kelly Burch

This Heroin Epidemic Inspired a Bollywood Movie. But Nothing Has Changed.

An Indian state is trying to fight a rampant heroin epidemic once fueled by the police.
Sharanya Deepak
drug safety

Canadian Music Festivals Still Can’t Test Pills for Fentanyl

In BC, where overdose deaths are up 74 percent, several festivals offer free drug testing – but fentanyl testing equipment's not ready yet.
Sarah Berman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Porn Is Destroying America, Says GOP

Republicans recently added an amendment to their platform that calls pornography a "a public health crisis."
VICE Staff