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Rank Your Records: Donita Sparks Rates L7’s Six Studio Albums

"Pretend That We're Dead" is only one of many great grunge anthems that the Los Angeles band wrote over their career.
Tim Scott
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Descendents Albums Rated by Vocalist Milo Aukerman

With the release of their new record, ‘Hypercaffium Spazzinate,' we had the frontman reflect on the band’s catalog of legendary power pop punk.
Tim Scott

This Is How You Bleed in Audio: A Conversation with Shawn Harris of The Matches

In conjunction with the vinyl re-release of the band's 2006 album 'Decomposer,' Shawn Harris explains how The Matches became much more than local boys.
John Hill

Feel Psychic Death in Plague Vendor's New Video for "Jezebel"

Get on the new wave before their upcoming record 'Bloodsweat' drops March 25.
John Hill

The Garden's "Haha" Is Just the Right Side of Weird

These twin brothers write slinky garage-pop, they're not afraid to wear dresses, and their second LP is coming out this fall via Epitaph / Burger Records. Sweet.
Rod Glacial

Defeater Leaves No Question about Their Live Show "Unanswered" with Their New Video

With the frontman's injury now behind them, Mass melodic hardcore band Defeater are here to conquer your stage.
Noisey Staff

Stream the Snarling New Compilation Album from LA Punk Greats The Red Aunts

Take a closer look at LA garage punks The Red Aunts.
Noisey Staff

Epitaph Records, This Is An Intervention

Hi, Epitaph Records. Have a seat right over there between Fat Mike and Tim Armstrong. Can I get you anything to eat? The Pietasters have brought a lovely apple turnover. No? Listen, Epitaph. This is never easy to say, so I’ll just say it. This is an inter
Dan Ozzi
Music Video Premieres

Retox - "Congratulations, You Are Good Enough" (Official Video)

You should probably watch the premiere of "Congratulations, You Are Good Enought," because these days it's getting harder and harder to find music that'll bash your fucking brains in.