Now You Have to Jump Through Extra Hoops to Get Money From the Equifax Hack

The $125 in free money suddenly has a bunch of strings attached.


The FTC Should Fine Itself for False Advertising for Promising You $125 from Equifax

Consumer groups say the FTC engaged in the same false and deceptive behavior it’s supposed to police.


Equifax May Not Pay You That $125 Settlement Because It Screwed Too Many People

After “overwhelming” public interest, the FTC now urges users to settle for free credit monitoring instead.


Equifax Owes You Money for Failing to Protect Your Privacy. Here’s How to Get It

147 million impacted consumers can get a modest cash payout or free credit protection services.


Experian Exposes Apparent Customer Data in Training Manuals

On Tuesday, Motherboard contacted Experian after a researcher found apparent customer data in an exposed training manual. Then the manuals went offline.


Massive Data Leaks Keep Happening Because Big Companies Can Afford to Lose Your Data

When criminal hackers keep breaking into big company networks to grab consumer data, the reason comes down to dollars and nonsense.


The Facebook Data Leak Is a Wake Up Call to Secure Your Private Data

Stop hackers and scammers from stealing your personal information.


Equifax Was Warned

Last year, a security researcher alerted Equifax that anyone could have stolen the personal data of all Americans. The company failed to heed the warning.


We Talked to the Monopoly Man Who Stole the Show at the Equifax Hearing

"I think honestly they kept waiting for me to do something that was going to get me kicked out."


Equifax's ex CEO got crushed by Congress, but it won't matter

Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith got accused of leaving the company “with a golden parachute.”


Canada's Privacy Watchdog Wants the Power to Go After Companies Like Equifax

The OPC wants to do something, but it can't.