Canadian sniper breaks world record by taking out Islamic State fighter from two miles away

The highly-trained special forces soldier, from Canada's answer to Seal Team Six, took aim from an apartment building somewhere in Iraq


Photos of All the Things You Leave Behind When Fleeing ISIS

We spoke to some of the internally displaced people at Erbil's massive flea market in Iraq about the items they needed after fleeing Mosul.


Joe Biden Says the PKK and the Islamic State Are Equal Threats to Turkey

During a joint news conference with Turkey's prime minister, the US vice president described the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) as a terror group "plain and simple."


Video Allegedly Shows Last Moments of British Journalist Found Dead in Istanbul Airport

Turkish media outlets published CCTV footage said to show British media worker and former BBC journalist Jacqueline Sutton in Istanbul's Ataturk airport shortly before her death.


Report Claims Islamic State Used C-4 Plastic Explosives in Attack on US Consulate in Iraq

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a car bombing Friday that killed three people outside the US Consulate in the relatively peaceful Kurdish city of Erbil.


Archbishop of Erbil Appeals for Military Action to Halt Christian 'Genocide' in Iraq

Bashar Warda spoke to VICE News during a visit to London, where he urged ground intervention to prevent Iraq's Christian community being relegated to history.


France Is Sending More Troops to Help Iraq Fight the Islamic State

Two operational training units will be deployed to Iraq, tasked with providing expert training to Iraqi and Kurdish forces combating Islamic State militants.


Suicide Attack Hits Iraqi Kurdish Capital Erbil

At least four were killed when a car exploded outside the Erbil Governate building, the first major attack in the city for over a year. Suspicion has fallen on the Islamic State.


I Ate a Hamburger at Iraq's First Hardee's

It was surprisingly good.


'We Will Kill Them as Soon as the Cameras Aren't Here': Anti-Arab Sentiment On Rise In Iraqi Kurdistan

While Arabs are officially welcome in Kurdish territory attacks by Islamic State militants have led to a rise in sectarian tensions and discrimination.