Eric Schlosser


Why Nuclear Proliferation Poses an Ever-Increasing Threat

Command and Control, a new film debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival, highlights the ever present threat posed by nuclear weapons, even as they lie dormant.


A Guide to Nuclear Detonation at Tribeca Film Festival

An inside look at 'the bomb', an immersive documentary experience of atomic proportions.


This New Film Puts You in the Center of a Nuclear Blast

Between footage of North Korean military parades, frighteningly beautiful explosions, and powerful images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki burn victims, 'the bomb' reminds us of the very real problems buried beneath our feet.


Watch VICE’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas Panel Discuss Incarceration in Australia

What are prisons for, and how did they become a growth industry?


Watch Our FODI Panel on Incarceration Chaired by John Safran

​To help launch The Incarceration Issue, VICE Australia and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2015 put together a panel featuring Eric Schlosser, Debbie Kilroy, Chris Munro, and a lot of very disturbing statistics around prison, and the booming industry...


How Terrified Should We be About Nuclear Annihilation?

According to the author of Command and Control, a book about nuclear doomsday scenarios, "the two great existential threats that we face today are global warming and nuclear weapons—and the latter isn't getting anywhere near enough attention."