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You Can Now Get Drunk on Dr. Steve Brule's Sweet Berry Wine

For your health!
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Tim and Eric Are Dropping an Anniversary Episode of 'Awesome Show'

They're also coming back with a new season of 'Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories.'
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Check Out the First Full Trailer for Season 2 of 'Master of None'

Aziz Ansari's character Dev spends his time scootering, eating, drinking, and dancing his way through Italy.
VICE Staff

10 Unlikely Music Video Directors (Who Are Actually Awesome)

From Olivia Wilde to Salma Hayek and George Constanza, these unconventional music video directors rock.
Giaco Furino

This Human Gummy Bear Plugs His Butt with a Fancy Haribo Dildo

Haribo is Carly Mark's favorite brand. For her first solo show, the artist brings advertising and consumerism to its logical conclusion by creating an apocalyptic advert starring Eric Wareheim as an anthropomorphic gummy.
Zach Sokol

Aziz Ansari Is Everywhere

The comedian and actor wrote a book about relationships, sold out Madison Square Garden twice in the same night, toured with Amy Schumer, and launched a hilarious and diverse Netflix series. What's next?
James Yeh

Lasers, Muppets, and FKA twigs: The 2015 YouTube Music Awards Are Here

Immerse yourself in new music videos from FKA twigs, Action Bronson, Charli XCX, Shamir, MAX, Migos, and more.
The Creators Project

[Best of 2013]: The Year In Music Videos

We award high school superlatives to this year's class of music videos
Zach Sokol

Eat Meat with Your Hands Like God Intended

Beefsteak is an annual event put on by Eric Wareheim of <i>Tim & Eric</i>, Cort Cass, and Matt Selman in Los Angeles that raises money for the LA Food Bank. It's an epic bacchanalia of food, drink, and general merriment. We went to get the lowdown on...
Dave Schilling

Tim & Eric Tours are Dudes Only

If you're dead or have zero sense of humour, you may not know or care that Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are bringing their Awesome Show to Australia this week (and to "Zealand" a little later on).
Royce Akers
The Fashion Issue 2010

In Lust

Photos by Jill Greenberg, Concept and Modeling by Eric Wareheim and Yasmine Kittles, Styling by Amanny Ahmad
Jill Greenberg