Ernest Hemingway


Harmony Korine on the Sun-Soaked Joy of Filming 'The Beach Bum' in the Florida Keys

The film, the legendary cult director's first in seven years, follows Matthew McConaughey​​'s Moondog as he meanders through bars and avoids writing poetry.


Hemingway's First Short Story Was Just Unearthed in a Notebook in Florida

The author wrote the 14-page story back in 1909, when he was only ten.


Ernest Hemingway's Likeness Is Being Used to Sell Tourism in Havana

America's literary hero is big business in a country most Americans can't visit.


The Oldest Restaurant in the World Roasts 50 Pigs a Day

The key to restaurant longevity? Faithfulness to tradition and a ton of suckling pig.


There Are Four Types of Drunks in This World and You're One of Them

Are you a Mary Poppins, or a Mr. Hyde? Depends on if you're more like to make out or black out after a few margaritas.


This Legendary Bartender Served Hemingway and Aided the Resistance Against the Nazis

He also invented some pretty great cocktails.


A Guy Named Hemingway Won This Year's Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest

Dave Hemingway—who has no relation to the author—beat out 139 fellow doppelgängers in the annual "Papa" Hemingway Look-Alike Contest this weekend.


Famous Authors' Iconic Works Become Illustrated Architectures

"Intelligence is an accident of evolution, and not necessarily an advantage." — Isaac Asimov


The Most Famous Daiquiri in the World Tastes Like Sweet, Frozen Fame

I visited the cathedral of daiquiris in Havana, the place where Ernest Hemingway visited on a daily basis, to see if the drink still held up after all these years of fame.


Remembering Hemingway's Heavyweight Bromance with a Kiwi Plumber

Tom Heeney, the only New Zealand-born boxer ever to fight for the World Heavyweight Title, also fought Papi on a beach one time.


Spanish Mayor Proposes Bullfighting Match Where Bull Doesn't Die in the End

The mayor's comments were the latest chapter in a feud that's developed in recent years between bullfighting aficionados and animal rights activists who say the blood sport should be relegated to the dustbin of history.


I Realized I Was a Cliché: A Drunk Writer Who Couldn’t Write Drunk

During my Year of Sherry, I realized that I was essentially losing money by writing.