How to Eat Mussels Like a Belgian

Tell your fries and your mayo to get lost.


Hey, Idiot, Food Banks Don’t Want Your Canned Alligator and Old Vitamins

Processing all of the weird old junk food that people donate (with good intentions or otherwise) costs this Vancouver-based food bank $40,000 a year.


Snails Have Long Been the Lobsters of Cretan Cuisine

"We go out at night, with a lamp, and then 'THROOP!' [makes a snagging gesture with his hand]—the kohli. Then we keep them for a month, feeding them macaroni or pasta and using water to clean them out."


We Should Start Breeding Our Own Snails

Many people are still squeamish about eating insects, but snails are far less of a reach. We caught up with the UK’s principal supplier of live edible snails and snail farm starter kits to find out more about the land-molluscs we should be eating.


Sea Snails with Garlic & Coriander Recipe

A buttery, white wine sauce balances this oceanic dish. And if you don't have access to the sea, just use escargot.


French Teens Made Me Eat Snails

When you eat escargot prepared by a bunch of high school students at a French metal festival, all shells break loose. It's unclear if Iron Maiden sampled their wares, but I sure did, and I think the chefs at Chateaubriand in Paris should be concerned...