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A $5 Billion Fine Will Not End Google’s Stranglehold on Smartphone Software

In order to license Android, phone manufacturers are subject to a rigid set of requirements meant to drive mobile search traffic to Google.
Daniel Oberhaus

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Donald Trump will travel to Mexico to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto, President Obama grants clemency to 111 prisoners, the top ISIS strategist has been killed in Syria, and more.
VICE Staff

Apple’s €13 Billion Irish Tax Kerfuffle, Explained for Normal People

The European Commission says a tax deal between Apple and Ireland was illegal state aid. Here's what you need to know.
David Gilbert
financial irregularities in la liga

Real Madrid and Barcelona Ordered to Pay Back Millions in Illegal State Aid

Spain’s two biggest clubs have been told to repay considerable sums to the Spanish government, as have Valencia, Athletic Bilbao, Osasuna, Elche and Hercules.
UK Sports Staff

Ad Blocker-Blocking Websites Might Be Violating European Privacy Laws

Here's the thing about blocking ad-blockers...
Janus Kopfstein
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Europe: Google Abuses Its Position With Restrictions on Android Devices

The European Commission has filed a statement of objections regarding Google practices it claims breach antitrust rules.
Joseph Cox

Every 47th Play on Spotify Reduces Piracy by One Illegal Download, Study Says

But every 137 plays costs the music industry one purchase.
Rachel Pick

Europe Accuses Google of Abusing Its Position as Search Engine Giant

Google defends against the European Commission's claims that it stifles competition.
Emiko Jozuka

Europe Made a Map to Show It Has Silicon Valleys, Too

It's all an attempt to settle once and for all which European city is the techiest.
Victoria Turk
Motherboard Blog

The UK's Pollution Is So Bad, the EU's Taking Legal Action

There's only so many times you can get an extension on targets set years ago.
Victoria Turk
Motherboard Blog

Post-NSA, Europe Wants the US to Have Less Control of the Internet

The European Commission has a few ideas on the future of internet governance, with a focus on globalisation.
Victoria Turk