Eva Braun

    • 11.7.16

      Someone Bought Hitler's Wife's Underwear for $4,000

      The underwear, along with a few other mementos Eva Braun left behind after her suicide, were auctioned off to private collectors Monday.

    • 9.18.14

      The Ultimate Basic Bitch Tournament

      Who is the most Basic of them all? We asked celebrity judges Big Freedia and comedian Julie Klausner to help us choose the queen of Basicdom.

    • 2.19.14

      This Man Claims Hitler Is Buried in Spain

      Is Julio Barreiro Rivas right or wrong? Is he crazy or not? Maybe no one should listen to the ranting of an 80-year-old man without skepticism. Draw your own conclusions. I only know one thing: A part of me really wants to believe.