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Uncovering the Christian Think Tanks Behind the Bogus Studies on Gay Parenting

Conservative evangelicals have been influencing politics for decades, in part by funding anti-gay propaganda and misconstruing legitimate research.
Gabby Bess
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Some Brazilian Evangelicals Created a Sin-Free Facebook Where You Can Click 'Amen' Instead of 'Like'

Around 20 percent of Brazil's population is Evangelical, and Faceglória is a place for them to connect and talk about God without worrying about foul language or someone's bikini pics.
River Donaghey

Budgie-Smugglers and Bible-Bashers: Our Best Photos from London Pride

Objectively, one of the capital's best street parties.
Lily Rose Thomas

The Josh Duggar Scandal Is Part of a Much Larger Christian Abuse Problem

Josh Duggar's abuse and his family's cover-up of his crimes are part of a much larger set of issues about how the Christian Right handles sexual crimes.
Drew Millard

How Feminism Saved Me from Fundamentalism

Post-Evangelicals—mostly millennials like me, who grew up in the church in the 80s and 90s—are rejecting harsh doctrines in lieu of feminism, liberalism, and new ways of practicing religion.
Dianna E. Anderson

Infamous Quran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Is Now Cooking French Fries in Florida

I caught up with him after the Charlie Hebdo attacks to see if he was worried about being targeted by al Qaeda.
​Jon Silman

A Look Back at 'Marjoe,' the 1972 Documentary About Evangelical Con Men

I spoke with the film's co-director Sarah Kernochan about why the Academy Award–winning doc was lost for three decades, and how it was found again.
Josiah Hesse

New Gay Rights Ads Starring Southern Evangelicals Deemed 'Inaccurate and Dangerous' by Baptist Leaders

A new media campaign featuring evangelical Christians is trying to persuade religious Mississippians to support gay marriage and LGBT rights.
Meredith Hoffman

Satanism and Guilt-Free Murder in Iowa

On the evening of July 18, 2013, Kathy Barlas returned to her home in Mason City, Iowa, to find her adult son waiting in the garage in his underwear, dripping with blood. "Mom, I killed Satan," he told her.
Josiah Hesse

Hobby Lobby Goes to College: School Uses Religious Exemption to Discriminate Against Transgender Student

A transgender student at George Fox University says he can't get the dorm he wants as the college has an exemption to federal education law.
Mary Emily O'Hara

Hobby Lobby Is Trying to Bring the Bible to America One Court Battle at a Time

For the billionaire evangelical founders of Hobby Family, Monday's Supreme Court victory was just the beginning of a bigger fight.
Grace Wyler

Can Corporations Find God? Supreme Court Justices Seem to Think So

In a hearing of the Hobby Lobby birth-control case, most of the justices seemed to accept the claim that corporations have religious rights.
Grace Wyler