The Everglades Is on Fire

A massive wildfire has consumed more than 17,000 acres of the Everglades in less than 24 hours.


ISIS, El Chapo, and Saving the Everglades

On this episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' we talk about ISIS's claim on the NYC terror attack, El Chapo's time in solitary confinement, and returning water to parts of Florida.


Undraining the Swamp

Florida is trying to undo decades of damage to the Everglades.


Miami’s Sprawling Frost Science Museum Is Finally Open

The new museum fuses science, art, design, and technology, with a 500,000-gallon aquarium, hammerhead sharks, and trips to the cosmos.


#ReignTheSwamp: Scientists Defend Swamps Against Trump

The #DrainTheSwamp hashtag has inspired a new online movement to reclaim the real swamp's good image.


Life is Weird, Gritty, and Beautiful in the Everglades

Mechanization of farming jobs, disease, and isolation left Belle Glade poorly developed. Less than 50 miles away on the island of Palm Beach, billionaires including Donald Trump live in mansions.


One of Africa’s Most Dangerous Predators Is Invading Florida

Three captured crocs have been confirmed to be feral Nile interlopers.


Hunters Descend on Southern Florida for Annual Python Hunt

Hunters can keep the skins — but Florida wildlife officials warn against eating the meat because of high levels of mercury.


Refusing to Talk About Climate Change Doesn't Mean It's Not Happening, Says Obama in Earth Day Speech

The President traveled to the Florida Everglades to highlight the nation's parks system and call for action on climate change.


How Climate Change Is Fueling the World's Longest-Burning Fires

There is as much carbon left in the world’s peatland as there is in the atmosphere. And it’s about to smolder.


I Grew Up in a Trailer Park in the Everglades

One time, a Local Boy Bludgeoned His Father to Death with a Baseball Bat


The Great Burmese Python Hunt of 2013

Florida's government invites you to drop in, grab a rifle and go shoot yourself some big 'ol invasive snakes. Yes, there is a cash prize.