Indonesian Flight Delayed So Cabin Crew Could Remove 2 Tons of Smelly-Ass Durian

“I yelled at the other passengers 'Who on this plane wants to fly?' They all chanted back 'not us!!'"


James Cameron Says Men Should Eat Vegan to Get Better Boners

The director of 'Avatar' says ditching meat and dairy will make your D, uh, titanic.


Help Us Identify This Extremely Moldy Food (?) Found in an Airbnb Microwave

It's the worst thing I've ever seen!!!


Study Says Birthday Candles Are Covering Your Cake in Germs

The horror show really begins when you blow out the candles.


Man Goes on Naked Rampage After Finding Onions in His Food

This incident led to charges of terroristic threats, indecent exposure, resisting arrest, and public drunkenness.


Movie Theaters Keep Finding Cucumbers After 'Fifty Shades Darker' Screenings

If you’re considering pleasuring yourself to Jamie Dornan’s one unchanging facial expression, stay home and watch the first one, on your own upholstery. Or, good lord, at least take your vegetables with you when you leave the theater.


We Asked Our Moms How We Were Conceived

"I was on top on January 19, 1990. Need more info?"


Painting’s Evolution in the Digital Age

A new exhibition explores how painting has responded to mass media.


Confessions of an Ex-Pickup Artist

Trying to pick up girls at "Pester Square" wasn't as glamorous as you'd think. At least I got out at the right time. Some take it too far and become embittered and alienated.


Earthworms Are the New Croutons

Scientists say we should start eating invasive species like gray squirrel, jellyfish, swamp rat, lionfish, and earthworms. It's all well and good saying that, but how do you make jellyfish look palatable? A group of New Yorkers show us how with their...